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Sunday, 26 June 2016


Imagine you go to shop to buy something and the only thing you see there is exactly what you were looking for or variants of the same of products related to them. Wouldn't you buy the items? Of course you will. Wouldn't it save time for you? Of course it will. Wouldn't you buy more related item that were complementary to what you were looking for? Of course you will and not only that you were also able to find the cheapest option as per your needs & why is that? Because you got products personalized for your needs.

Ques. What problem has Personalization solved for you & the shopkeeper?
  • Gave you what you were looking for; 
  • Gave more discounted options; 
  • Gave option to buy related products that you might have needed in future; 
  • Saved Time for you  (a lot of time that you might have wasted in searching for the product)
  • Instant purchase
  • Cross sell
  • More footfalls (because you'll have a high tendency to go there to purchase because of good shopping experience in the past)
Now just replicate this into an online world.

Website personalization according to various user attributes not only impacts the conversions and increase no. of visits and engagement but also provide a good user experience. Website can be personalized according to various attributes, some of them are:

Geography (basis IP addresses from where the visit is being done) - You might want to show Delhi region specific deals in your website to users who're browsing your website from Delhi.

Past user behavior - In case of returning visitors, personalization logic can be build by tracking their past browsing behavior such as which pages they view the most, which events they engaged with the most, do they see more of product demo videos or download product specification sheets etc. This data will be more accurate for logged-in users as compared with non-logged-in users (but both type can be personalized) - Do not confuse this with Remarketing advertisement.

Industry/ Company specific attributes - Some companies such as Demandbase can personalize website content basis visits made by users belonging to a particular Industry. This is more valid for B2B organizations who cater to multiple industries. Some of the other tools that can assist organizations in personalization are: Coremetrics Intelligent OfferAdobe Test and Target  etc.. The list of all tools can be accessed here

Others - There are various other attributes as well by which website content can be personalized. some of the important ones are: Device, Source & medium of the visit, Visitor type, URL etc. 

There're studies that validate how important website personalization has become is today's age.

  • According to Janrain, nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. 

  • After looking at data from more than 93,000 calls-to-action over a 12 month period, HubSpot found that CTAs targeted to the user had a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than calls-to-action that were the same for all visitors.
  • A 2013 Monetate/eConsultancy Study found that in-house marketers who are personalizing their web experiences (and able to quantify the improvement) see on average a 19% uplift in sales. 
Below mind-map shows a simple website personalization logic for a B2B organization:

B2B website personalization

In order to succeed, be relevant and stay ahead of competition businesses around the world need to have a proper website personalization strategy.

Happy reading !

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