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Saturday, 26 September 2015


Remarketing is a form of online advertisement that enables advertisers to show ads on various digital channels (Web, Social etc.) to users who have already visited their website.


(Remarketing process)

A remarketing campaign execution starts with an analysis of the remarketing capabilities of various service providers (Adroll, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, Google remarketing etc.). B2B remarketing campaign planning and execution broadly include following steps:

STEP 1: The primary step is to analyze website analytics including website conversion rate, bounce rate, average time on page etc.

STEP 2: Audience is then segmented primarily on the basis of the type of the content browsed by them. Remarketing lists should be created on the basis of parameters like pages viewed, source/medium, geography etc. With LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, audience can also be segmented on the basis of Industry they belong to.

STEP 3: In addition to business pages, a separate remarketing list should also be created for all home page & lead form abandoners. It is important to generate desire to bring them back to the corporate website so that they can browse pages or fill up the lead form.

STEP 4: The next step is to create tailored ads for each remarketing lists and serve remarketing ads on various platforms such web/ content network, LinkedIn sponsored updates, Facebook newsfeed, Facebook right hand column ads and on Twitter as promoted tweets 

STEP 5: The campaign is set up in the dashboards of various remarketing service providers and optimized on timely basis. Campaign reports must be analyzed for optimizations.

(Steps involved in a B2B remarketing process)

The objectives of doing a remarketing campaign are:
a. Lower the cost per lead,
b. Bring quality audience (& new audience in case of targeting similar audience) to your website again where you can show them more relevant offer
c. Nurture your own audience in a controlled way over a long period of time with different messages.

Remarketing could be very annoying to your users. Marketers need to be very careful of not spamming their audience with same messaging everyday. Hence, do not be very persuasive in your banner or ad copy content, Schedule campaign wisely and optimize your remarketing campaigns on timely basis.

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