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Saturday, 20 June 2015

TEDx | Vineet Nayar | Employees First, Customers Second

Employees First, Customers second. Really?

What do you first make out from this headline? Isn't it insane? Well it's not. 

For those who are aware of this phrase would instantly think of "Vineet Nayar" ex-CEO of HCL Technologies

Vineet Nayar always advocate businesses to put Employees first. The rationale is simple, if you put your employees first, employees would by default put "Customer first". A simple philosophy yet most powerful for businesses around the world.

The philosophy not only transformed HCL by tripling its revenue to $4.2 Billion dollars in 5 years but also motivated many like me.

Employees First, Customers Second case study was taught at Harvards. You can buy the case study here. You can also buy the book here.

I watched his recent thoughtful, inspiring and motivating speech at TEDx Aix.

You must definitely spare your 18 minutes, it will provide you learning of lifetime. Watch the man in action here:

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