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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Low Back Pain

Blame it on our lifestyle  or call it a price of living in a modern world. The fact remains - We're not FIT. I believe, it would be more apt to say that we're rather evolving. Evolving to some kind of a species with a twisted posture.

Newton's first law says it all. Most of us find ourselves in this comfort zone that we've build around us. We live like what we feel is the more comfortable way of living. Of course, there's no harm in living a comfortable life. The only price that we're paying is our life expectancy & to some extent passing it to our next generation.

Oops, i think i got too emotional. i always get carried away :D

The topic i intended to write about is 'Low Back Pain'. And when i say low back pain, i refer to pain due to intervertebral disc bulge. It's also called as disc prolapse. If untreated, it may lead to sciatica or even paralysis of lower limb (pelvic area & legs).

We all must have some experienced that itch at the low back. I've myself treated most patients of low back pain than any other musculoskeletal disorder in my career. It just happens, that snap, that jerk, during weightlifting in the gym, while coughing or sneezing. Some of us are more prone to it (tall individuals, drivers, genetic etc.). 

REASON: Disc bulge can happen whenever intradiscal pressue gets increased (any sudden jerk in lower back can do that). 
Disc Bulge
Disc Bulge

WHAT IT DOES: As the pressure on disc increases, a jelly like substance from within the disc comes out which presses upon the spinal nerves (that carry sensations to our lower body or that provide strength to our lower body). Prolonged pressure on spinal nerves may damage them (this may lead to loss of sensations in the lower body, weakness, tingling, electric current like pain at the back of leg, localized pain at the centre of low back etc.).

WHAT TO DO: First - Visit your physiotherapist. Second - Have rest. Third - Complete treatment. Fourth - Take precautions.

EXERCISES: When there's no pain, following exercises are beneficial in cases of low back pain ('Bridging' is a key exercise)
Low back exercises
Low Back Exercises (Source for this image:

PLEASE NOTE: This post is for information only & should not be used for self treatment. 

Have a Healthy Living :-) 

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